《 Photos of Steve Jobs 》

本期的 Time 雜誌除了以 Steve Jobs 年輕時的照片為封面向其致敬,內頁報導 Steve 的生平##ReadMore##與分析之後的影響,並且刊登鮮少對外公佈的工作與私生活照片,像是上方這張他與妻子Laurene的甜蜜合照,都是 Time 雜誌攝影師 Diana Walker 從1982年至2004年間所拍攝的。

Jobs with the Lisa, an early — and revolutionary — Apple computer, in 1982.

Lying on the floor after a long day, Jobs finalizes a deal with Bill Gates over the phone, whereby Microsoft would purchase $150 million worth of Apple stock.

Jobs prepares for a Macworld keynote speech in which he would announce a major deal with Bill Gates.

Jobs has a laugh with John Lasseter of Pixar in the animation studio's headquarters.

Jobs puts in a day at the office before heading to Boston's 1997 Macworld Expo.

Jobs presides over a lunchtime huddle with his design team at Apple's headquarters in 1982.

Jobs rests on a flight to the Macworld Expo in Boston in 1997, the year he took back the reins at Apple after a 12-year hiatus.

Jobs delivers remarks at Boston's 1997 Macworld Expo.

Jobs sits in his Cupertino, Calif., home in 1982.

Jobs in his home office in December 2004, the last time Walker ever photographed him.